I LOVE THIS INITIATIVE! Major big ups to Tracey, creator of One Brown Girl blog. She is spearheading the Passport project, giving young women their very first passport! The love I have for this project is inexplicable. Seriously. Amazing concept and project. They have my life long co-sign. The project, and rightfully so, has qualified for a Stay Classy award. What I need from you all, Facebok heads in particulat, is to go to the site link, read up, and simply 'Like' the project page. View the 'Likes' as votes! They need everyone's support! Visit their site HERE!

The Passport Party Project is an initiative that (from late 2011 to early 2013) will gift 100 girls with their very first passports by throwing 10 nationwide travel-themed daytime events where girls receive complimentary passport photos, lunch, travel game prizes, and a check for the passport application fee. Aimed at giving girls between the ages of 11 and 16 a world view by encouraging global travel, an online community of travel and lifestyle bloggers are blogging about the initiative to keep these parties going!

Did you know that only 30% of Americans have a passport? (some bullS#$t...excuse my French)

Frustrated by this pitiful statistic, travel blogger and travel camp owner, Tracey Friley, created The Passport Party Project to gift young girls with their first passports, even though they might not have any immediate plans for international travel. From Friley’s perspective, the best way to give girls a world view is to start off by getting them the number one tool for global travel – a passport.

Tracey, you have my support 100%!