So, personal friends or family, as well as readers who have been in the mix for awhile know that of all the places I've traveled to, Paris holds my heart. It's where I want to start spliting my years, by 2013. 6 months living in New York, and then 6 months living in Paris, every year. Sounds like heaven to me.

Keeping consistent with things, and places that inspire my travels, we have the first DRT•BG Book Bag. My babies. These are what I've been waiting for. Fellas, I love you and had to make sure there was something in the mix that you guys could rock. Paris inspired, the first design puts a number of Eiffel Towers together in a pattern that flips the laws of physics.

Six colors include Blues, Night, Bubblegum, Berry, Cream, and Kryptonite.

$35 each and EVERY SINGLE PENNY of this first batch sold goes to funding Berlin. We leave in 5 days! Please help out with a purchase and by spreading the word far and wide!!!!! It's a movement!


Love you all and thanks for the help!