Throughout the next month or so I'll be giving you all random sneak peeks into the behind the scenes that went into what we shot in Berlin. All the stuff that won't make the final cut.

First and foremost, those who know me, know I'm not a beer drinker. I like wine, preferably red. I can thank Paris for that. But when in Germany, you go in on the beer. So we had a beer tasting portion, and yes I was nicely intoxicated by the end of it.

Mango beer, red beer, green beer, dark beer, light beer, and my favorite gimmick of them all DUFF BEER. Straight from the television show 'The Simpsons'.Yes, I am now the coolest chick you have ever met, if I didn't already hold that crown. How cool. Below are a few of our shots of the libations. Six glasses later...........I love Berlin. Thank you Thomas, Cathi, Tangee for the recommendations and help.