Cathi, Me, and Thomas

Cathi being her fabulous self

So I started off today with logging, while taking the train to work.

I sat on the express ride on the D train, headphone engulfed, and started rewatching all nearly 200 clips that I have recorded from Berlin. Something that in my mind was going to be a very daunting task...and it may get there, but for today it brought me back to the magic that was just a few weeks ago.

The footage looks so good, sounds so good, and it made me anxious about solidifying a schedule that would allow me to cut it all. A large scale task ahead of me, as this is the most footage I have ever had to work with on a project. I'm currently juggling making a steady headway with the big pilot, and editing down enough snippets that are ready to go for the website, and online episodes. Got some Berlin and some Amsterdam to show you.

With all this footage, and recent memories blaring through my headphones, I got nostalgic, and extremely grateful.

Cathi, my were an answer to a serious prayer. You pretty much shot everything that everyone will see that is this pilot episode. And you did it out of the kindness of your heart. I will FOREVER be grateful for you giving me something you can't get back, your time. Your personality is amazing and time flew by working with you. You are a friend and if you are ever in NYC, please contact me beforehand. Never change. you are perfect.

Thomas, where do I start? Our history goes back five years now. You're as delightful and helpful as you were from the first day I met you. You helped me in a massive crunch that most people won't ever know about, and you came through like Superman (or Batman, as I know you're partial) and you saved the day. Seriously, I love you dearly. Thank you for sharing your resources, knowlege, and time with me as well. And yes, I do love Berlin, and we may be neighbors.

Tangee, again someone who flew into my life at the perfect time, and helped out from the kindness of their heart, without looking for anything in return. You flew yourself out to Berlin for the sole purpose of helping me. I STILL cannot wrap my head around that! You are an amazing woman, with such a pure and young heart. Your kids are very lucky to have you as their mother.

To each and every person that donated a dime to this project. Without you, there would have been trip to write about, no footage to need editing, no nothing. You all are amazing and it humbles me to know I have such a solid group of supporters in my corner. You all are a part of this crew as well...

Thank you!