These two photos did me in this week...

Tribe Member Karen, in Kenya this week.

14 Tribe Members in Paris, France for the weekend to attend the 'Watch The Throne' concert

I can't begin to explain how these photos, so vastly different, made me feel this week as they were posted in the group. The first, of Karen, among the real deal Kenyans, in Africa, and them holding up OUR Tribe card.... the power takes my breath away. To see something I created, being represented in Africa is just beyond my comprehension right now. I am so grateful that she took this trip, for her, and appreciated the Tribe enough to (in a certain capacity) take us with her. This image is just emblazoned in me right now! It's the real message behind what I do. The true exploration, of each other.

Then...the Watch The Throne crew. I have to smile hard every time I even think about how his Meet Up came about. Two months ago, not even, member Rasheed (all the way to the right) threw up that he wanted to peep the concert in Paris, for obvious song oriented reasons. Within an hour, the thread was almost 100 comments long and what you see above is the product of that. 14 members, from Michigan, to Jersey, to Houston, to ATL, to members who are Paris residents, all had their first Meet Up and went to the concert, I can't!!

My favorite part about the two photos: I'm not in either one of them. There is an authenticity to the fact that each of these memories happened on their own, in the vein of the Tribe, but I appreciate being the spectator, having the front row seat. It's like being the first one to start the wave, and then seeing it travel around an entire stadium. My stadium is the world.

You guys just don't know what it means, or fully how it feels to see this come to fruition. I'm so emotional this week behind it all. The Tribe's first Trunk show is tomorrow in NYC, and I'm all types of IN IT.

Gratitude isn't even the word.

Thank. You.