About a year ago, a former associate and I were in his 'lab'. Me on one side of the room, drowning in index cards, story producing the Berlin episode you see of Nomad•ness TV on the homepage of this site. He, on the other side of the room in front of a full on, Pro Tools engineered recording system. Ivory was recording my new theme song to the show. We were silent, in our own worlds, yet the beats he created fed into the energetic flow of how I was making scene placements for the pilot.

It was on that day, after finding out he'd have a song be played on Hot 97.1 for the first time, that he asked me, "What would be your mecca? Your equivalent to Hot 97?"

I responded, "My equivalent would be having Nomad•ness written up in Ebony or Essence Magazine. That would be a day I'd have to stop and really digest what I was doing."

Today. June 7, 2012, Ebony.com dropped the online teaser to the article that will appear in the print July 2012 Issue of Ebony Magazine, on page 62. I woke up to a congratulatory spectacle and a self made frenzy trying to get the news out to as many people as possible. We now have a date, and a preview.

The emotions. The words. It's all so much. First, thank you to author and Tribe member Tomika Anderson for making this happen. It's amazing.

Secondly, seeing as this article is wrapped around the Panama trip, I want to thank every single one of the members of the Tribe that braved it out there, and took a chance on me. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you all. We know what we shared out there was unique, and only the beginning. We haven't taken off yet.

Tears flowed heavily this morning...ending up in having to simply walk away from all forms of technology, and walk around my neighborhood, with no agenda. I sat on a bench and wrote in my journal for almost an hour, sun kissed skin.

I went to bed last night asking for a sign... and I woke up to the Ebony feature. Sometimes the Universe gives you subtle hints. Other times, it punches you in the face.


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