I'm a litle dreary eyed after a good four hour nap/sleep at some random guesthouse in the middle of downtown Hong Kong.

I have to do an Interact with Evie episode on how to get from Hong Kong International Airport to the downtown, Nathan Road area. When I landed, I realized I'd have to do the trip all from memory again. It's not bad at all.

I just needed a bed. Trying to do anything even remotely cose to sleeping in Bangkok airport last night was a bonafide no go! That shit was the worst, but I definitely was not alone.

I am up now after a semi-legit sleep and shower, getting ready to head back to the airport.

The two long legs of my trip will commence in about five hours.

I'm flying 10 hours to Dubai.

Yes, the Dubai that I dream about temple hopping in for days on end. Dubai is actually on my top ten dream trip list. I'm excited to see their ariport.

Then, after a fairly short transfer time, I fly 13 hours from Dubai to JFK.  Geeze!

Time to turn these planes into memoir writing capsules and get some serious work done, in between hopefully, some serious naps. I'm not the best at sleeping on planes.

Almost to the concrete jungle.