Apparently, I have Dengue Fever. Why wouldn't I? I can now check this off the list of unneccesary shit to go through during life. Another badge of honor. Something else that legitimizes the fact that. "Oh yea, you are a traveler." Bullshit.

I wish I could say that this was rare, but that'd be a lie. I've heard more about Dengue Fever here than I have traveling anywhere else. Apparently, there's been an influx, and Chiang Mai is not out of the line of fire, nor is we don't know where I caught it. Yes, I probably ate something shitty in Cambodia, but that doesn't necessarily equate to Dengue.

All of my inital symptoms have subsided with due diligence and vitamins, but today the dizziness was at a height. Walking to try to get food, while being on a liquid diet for damn near two days, in Thailand heat, left me helpless when I was faced with a trek back home. We're talking, a five minute walk, that I felt I would have passed out during, if I was to complete it. I hailed a tuk tuk. I'd officially had it. Time for a second opinion.

My male landlord, also known as Thai Dad, is a retired doctor who studied in New York. Luckily, he was home. Excuse me, he was pulling out of his driveway when I came over yelling his name. He took me for food. When he saw the trouble, and painstaking amount of time it was taking for me to get it down, he took me to another hospital.

Enter Rajavej Chiang Mai Hospital.

I'm still not sure what my doctor's name was. He just told me to call him Will. I dug it. He said what I was feeling was very consistent with what normal foreigners go through when they travel, but that he wanted to check my blood to see if there is any infection. I dug him more, considering the first hospital did no such thing.

Lab. Needle in Arm.

Thirty minutes later, I was called back in with results. Everything was ok, except my white blood cells are about half of what they're supposed to be.

"I think you get bit my mosquito. Your platelets are normal though so no malaria. I say you have a mild case of dengue fever. It's almost over, maybe done on Friday. It takes usually one week," said Will.

"Ok, so there's no medicine?"

"No, viral. Get more electrolyte packets. You can buy at any store. Make sure you start to eat more. Drink a lot of water and stay away from alcohol. We will schedule another blood test on Friday morning so you can see the difference."

Thai Dad, Dr. Cosi, took care of me today. We stocked  up on electrolyte packets, cough syrup, food, and fluids. He laughed at me. "You can tell crazy story now. I was so sick, and home alone." As all the guys were gone until the next day. Or so I thought...

I was surprised by two of my favorites about an hour ago. While I was mixing my concoction, they walked through the door. When I asked why they'd returned so early, Jean-Pierre offered over a "just making sure you're alright". I love these dudes...

Ps. For more info on Dengue Fever click here. Inform yourself.

Pps. Fuck mosquitos.

Ppps. Even if I did get this in Cambodia, I'd still go back because it was bomb! :)