Today, I had to venture back up to South Norwalk to go pick up my passport, with 4 newly sewn in pages, in preparation for Monday. Not going to front, I was a bit pissed that I had to shell out a cool $142 to get a mere four pages added to my nearly complete passport. It didn't add up to me, but as they say in Japanese "Shogonai". Translation being "it is what it is" or "fuck it" depending on the person.

The line was long but moved swiftly. Called to the window, I was pleased to have my passport handed back over to me. Whew! It was all there, in one fat ass piece. It seemed that over night my passport had grown damn near three times it's gerth in size.

Eager, to find out why, I flipped through the pages to find, not four, but forty-seven pages inserted into my passport. This thing expires in 5 years. How the hell am I going to fill it up again by then?

Open for the challenge..and thank you South Norwalk.