She lived in Thailand as a foreigner for two years, and loved it.

I turned to her for advice.

Some may or may not know, but I'm considering modeling in Thailand as a form of diversifying the income.

I've already sent out photos to agencies. This isn't a ploy at proving to myself that I'm beautiful, but that my look may be something of a commercial commodity...and, frankly, why not?

So I went to my friend, and the prospect of this came up in conversation.

Her reply was honest and unexpected.

"Oh you're going to find it very difficult. Black isn't considered beautiful in Thailand."

Now, as a Black woman, from various ethnicities thanks to my mother's side of the family, this is far from the first time I've heard this, and undoubtedly not the last.

In fact, my initial reaction was not that of awe and shock. In my head I responded, "How much more than in America?" Real talk.

I, honestly, still don't know how to take it.  I probably won't know until I get there. I was grateful for the honesty, and also intrigued by it.

The inner Aries in me became excited at the challenge to prove, not my friend, but this statement wrong.

We all know what happens when I put my mind to something...