I'm a runner. I very much focus on the future and what I could be building, creating, perfecting to make my dreams and obsessions come true. I think faster than the average individual, probably right on par with any New Yorker. We're sick.

It's always running to do so much, and sadly we dont learn to balance until we have no choice. Our minds or bodies shut down. For me it was my first full blown panic attack and I quickly learned how to say "No." Something I'd never done before, assuming I could assume every role that was brought my way. How silly we are.

What I find, in life, is that there are crucial, and many times life changing moments of pause. It's those times where you are in a place and time and you are so present that you chills. You may close your eyes, breathe in the air, give thanks to the higher power, what have you. But for some reason, you stop and you recognize the pause. I have to admit I live in New York and love it at times, but I don't find those pregnant pauses here.

Sea of Japan at our sunset drinking and talking party on the beach. 10 mins from my old apartment in Niigata, Japan.


It's when I'm abroad. I am so moved by life, when I travel that I have them so periodically, it scares me because it reinforces that New York will probably not be my home, for life. I want to live in a place that makes me feel that way, and makes me live life in a way, where I feel that daily. Maybe that's why I move around so much. The new beginnings. the new discoveries. The understanding that every new place brings about a new pause. Here are a few of my random moments of pause around the world. This is a very modified list.

Japanese Tea Ceremony Preparation

Photo shoot after different Japanese tea Ceremony