Yes, it's begun.

I am proud, humbled, and in awe that I can say not even 3 full days of fundraising and I've already reached the 10% funded mark! $500 of the $5000 needed, has already been pledged in a little over 48 hours! We have 42 days left to go!

I am blessed with supporters, even some I don't know, that have taken the time to donate and stand behind me on my project. It means so much! It's an eye opener. Even when you put your life, passion, and travels out into the world, you never really know who's watching. You never really know if it's having an impact, or if you're living a pipe dream that you can affect change in someone else's life.

Thank you all who have donated, and those who will, for answering these questions in my mind for me. You are cherished!

Donations based photo shoots will definitely be coming back shortly! And look out for the game I have called Fundraising Days'. It'll be a 40 day countdown with some laughs in between.

Again, thank you for the support! The work has just begun. Please donate, if even $1! If you cannot, word of mouth is just as valuable...and hey, you know the website to send them to! Click HERE!

Love. Gratitude.