What am I up to????

So here's the deal. This fundraiser thing can get very overwhelming, very quickly! Before I began to become my own sinking ship, I was trying to find a clever way to hit people up in groups at a time. This way not everyone is hearing from me at once, I have a sense of order to this chaos,  and it can be manipulated into a little game.

So today I debut my "Days of Social Media". I have grouped friends, and associates, and let's be real down right strangers into categories. If you know me, some of them are going to be bananas, and others possibly inappropriate. But that's the point. I want to draw your attention! You'll get a nice private message from me, noting you on your respective day(s) and a pretty please to donate a little something something for that day.

I know people think I bullshit when I say, even $1 can help. Enough of those $1s coupled with word of mouth and we got ourselves some magic going on here.

So! On this first day, I debut my "I Love Japan Day". Japan has been through so much recently, and honestly, whether they pledge or not becomes irrelevant underneath the fact that I wanted to put them first. Japan is my second home and the place where Nomad•ness was conceived and started! All homage goes to Nippon! All my Japanese, and Japan affiliated friends will be getting a special message from me today!

Love you Japan.